What is a Small Class Size?

Many of us will say that we want our children to learn in small classes.  But what really is that magic “small class size” number?  In empirically written publications, researchers say that class sizes should be between 13-17 in the elementary years.  Once students move into middle and high school, the class size number is no longer relevant.  What matters most to these kids is relationships – ‘is the teacher investing time and interest in my learning’.

“…education is done best in small communities with teachers who love their students. Christ says that when a student is fully trained he will be like his teacher (Luke 6:40). Now to be fully trained by a teacher assumes a meaningful relationship, as the context of Luke 6 makes clear. To some extent, such relationships depend on size.”

–  Dr. Christopher Perrin

So walk into any class at Cornerstone Academy and you will see teachers engaged in students’ lives: teaching, modeling and igniting a love of learning.