SAT Report

Our annual Standford Achievement Test results are out!  Students at Cornerstone Academy continue to place on average 2.8 grade levels or 17% above the national norm.  In a longitudinal student of all our students, we find that the longer a student is at Cornerstone, the stronger their academic scores are. We do not teach to this test, but rather expect students to have learned naturally through the year to excel on this standardized testing.

Think about climbing a ladder.  Each year, they step up one rung, the foundation under them is strong and stable.  When student switch between ladders (or different schools), the results can be limiting.  Not all ladders are created equal and we find that the first year a transfer student enters Cornerstone, there is usually a number of holes to be filled.  Those students who begin with us have the strongest academic standing.

You can view our SAT Report here.