Get on the Bus

A good friend talked to me this week about her frustration in trying to find a classical Christian school for their sons in another state.  She said that two of the schools she visited were pure classical schools to the letter of the law.  Their uniform policy was three pages long, the discipline policy was well executed and students were learning the 99 Theses in chapel.  She and her husband left the tour thinking, my kids are not going to love Jesus if they go to this school.

Classical education really is the vehicle in which we should drive education.  Kids should be drawn to get on the bus.  There should be music, singing, chanting, beautiful poetry, lessons that inspire curiosity.  Those are the wheels of classical education.

Not only that, the bus should be driven with grace. This is the example of how children will learn to engage the world around them.  As they encounter new material, new history, new people, their perspective should be one of grace.  When teachers at Cornerstone encounter a learning opportunity, whether it be academic or spiritual, they strive to ignite a child’s love of learning as well as point them to love their creator.