Classes and tuition

Classes and Tuition for the 2017-18 School Year

Class Times Days/wk Annual Tuition Supply Fee
Beginning School
Preschool (2-day) 9:00-11:45 Tues&Thurs $995 $175
Preschool (3-day) 9:00-11:45 Tues-Thurs $1535 $175
Preschool (5-day) 9:00-11:45 Mon-Fri $2560 $175
PreK(2-day) 9:00-11:45 Tues&Thurs $1700 $180
PreK(3-day) 9:00-11:45 Tues-Thurs $2225 $180
PreK (5-day) 9:00-11:45 Mon-Fri $3703 $180
Full Days (5 Days) 8:15-3:30 Mon-Fri $5390 $180
Grammar School
Kindergarten(Half Day)  8:15-11:45  Mon – Fri $5049  $275
Kinder – 6th Grade 8:15-3:30 Mon – Fri $6,732 $500
Middle School
7th – 8th Grade 8:15-3:30 Mon – Fri $7,190 $500
Grammar 2-day 8:15-3:30 Tues&Thurs $2693 $250
Middle School 2-day 8:15-3:30 Tues&Thurs $2793 $500
Electives call for schedule varies $270 $0
Independent Study call to create schedule varies varies varies


Q. Do you offer scholarships?

A. Yes! We designate 10% of our annual budget towards meeting the financial needs of families who desire to provide a classical, Christian education for their children. Please contact us for more information on how to apply.

Q. Are there any sibling discounts?

A. Yes! Please download this document: TUITION PRICING 17-18

Q. Are there any discounts for paying in full?

A. Yes! If you pay tuition and fees in full before July 1st, you will get a 2% discount off your total amount owed.

Q. Is the any discount on the application fee?

A. Yes! We cap the $150 application fee at $300 per family for a short time at the beginning of each admissions season.

Q. What does tuition cover?

A. All learning that takes place in class as well as in Grammar School, it covers ten field trips during the school year as well as special events like the Christmas production, science fair, spelling bee and more!

Q. Are there any other fees I should be aware of?

A. We want to make sure you are aware of every cost up front and try to keep our fees at a minimum. Please see the TUITION PRICING 17-18 for a complete list. If you are a new family entering K-6 there is an assessment fee of $50. If you choose to pay your tuition monthly through FACTS, they have a $40 fee

Q. How do I pay my tuition?

A. Click Here to sign up for tuition payments through FACTS tuition management. If you are paying your tuition in full by July 1, you do not need to sign up for FACTS.