Application process

Cornerstone Academy is looking for mission fit families who will carry our vision as they partner with us in educating their children. The process described below is executed at varying degrees based on the age of the child.

  1. Complete the online application and download the printed forms.
  2. Complete the printed forms and mail them with the registration fees to Cornerstone Academy.
  3. School Office contacts parents to schedule an interview and/or assessment as applicable.
  4. Accepted families will receive a welcome packet, all others will be notified by mail.

welcomeWhy an interview?

Each family who considers Cornerstone Academy for their child reviews the philosophy, methodology and mission of the school. Likewise, Cornerstone wants to consider each family’s goals and philosophy to ensure that our educational standard is maintained with like-minded families.

What is the Interviewer looking for?
Cornerstone Academy seeks families who respect one another and who honor our educational standard. Students are expected to participate in the interview by sitting properly and responding appropriately to the interviewer’s questions. Parents are encouraged to answer questions reflecting a true perspective of their family. We also ask that if an interviewer is talking to the student the parents allow the child to answer independently.

What does an interview look like?
The day of the interview, the child is encouraged to be rested and ready to put their best foot forward. Upon arrival, the family will receive a tour of the school. Then the student will sit in on a classroom of similarly aged students. The student will interact in the regular classroom activities for a portion of the time, and then be given some diagnostic testing. Meanwhile, the parents and administrator will sit and discuss various questions such as:

  • Why do you want to enroll your children at Cornerstone Academy?
  • What is your family’s perspective on Christian education?
  • How do you see yourself supporting education in the home?
  • What is your philosophy of discipline?

The child may be asked to join the formal interview to be asked questions such as:

  • Why do you want to attend Cornerstone Academy?
  • What kind of books do you like to read (or have read to you)?
  • What are your most and least favorite subjects?
  • Who is Jesus?
  • Why is He important?
  • When you have homework, how do you like to complete it?
  • How does God want you to behave toward your parents?
  • Your teachers?

What is covered in the diagnostic test?
The assessment test involves age appropriate reading, writing, and mathematics exercises.

Students will be given a passage from an age appropriate book to read. Kindergarten and first grade students will identify letters and their sounds. An age appropriate spelling test may also be given.

Students will be asked to demonstrate their penmanship, letter and number formation, and name writing skills on paper. A short essay may also be requested for upper level students.

Students are given a test from our curriculum for their current grade level. This part of the assessment test involves solving age appropriate problems.

How long is an interview?
A standard interview usually takes about an hour.

When will we know our application status?
After the interview and assessment test process is completed the administrator presents his data and impressions to the Cornerstone Academy Board. The board then gives the administrator a recommendation for or against acceptance. This process may take up to one month to complete. You will be notified via mail or email dependent on your application preference.

What do we do once accepted?
Upon your approval for admission to Cornerstone Academy you will receive a “Welcome Packet”. This will include information such as the school calendar, uniform policy, student emergency form, immunization form and registration form. You will need to complete some of these forms and return them within 4 weeks to secure your family’s placement.

If our application is denied can we make an appeal?
Yes. You may write a letter of appeal to the Cornerstone Academy Board providing your name, child’s name, date of interview, grade applying for, and an explanation of your position in detail. The board will then review your appeal and contact you with their decision.

Before doing so, please consider the mission of the school and if it is a good fit for your family.

Enrollment Documents

Please complete your online enrollment first.  At the end of the online enrollment, please print the downloads.  If you are unable to retrieve them, you may print from these enrollment documents.

If you have more than one child, print an additional student narrative page from the application for each additional child.